Top 5 tips when applying for a job at Future

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Making a job application can sometimes be a daunting task but hopefully our advice will help you apply for a job at Future. So here are our top 5 job application tips!


1) Read the job description, person specification and the job advert to see if the job is of interest to you and fits your skill set, experience and your passions.

2) Apply with an up-to-date and accurate CV detailing your experience, skills, qualifications and other information that is relevant for the job application. Make sure you double check your spelling and grammar! Don’t forget to check that you have provided the correct telephone number and email address, so we can get in contact you about your job application.

3) Write a covering letter showing why you are interested in the job and why you think you are suitable.

4) Check all of the information that you provide with your job application is complete. Make sure you provide a realistic salary range that you would be looking for or what you would expect the role to be paying.

5) As part of the job application process you may be asked to submit something extra that provides us with an example of your skills. This could be a task, your portfolio of work, or even a link to your website. Make sure you follow the instructions given and that you only submit what is really relevant for the job.


We hope that you find these top 5 job application tips useful when you apply for a job at Future.